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By Gini Lester

I was "tabling" an event recently at a conservative, christian university in the western suburbs of Illinois. The dean of student services came by my table. I watched closely as he was reading the sign about CAAN. I could tell when he comprehended what he was reading and much to my surprise he looked up at me with joy in his eyes and enthusiastically introduced himself. Years! Years of girding myself for the christian attack that inevitably came and now to be met with gladness, apparently acceptance. Wow. I guess all those years of carrying the pride flag into enemy territory is paying off.

It's not over. The police person read the sign and pointedly ignored me. Oh yeah. There's that familiar hate.

Here's to the spirits of Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and Sally Howland.

Speaking of pride . . . celebrate in Joliet!

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